Some States Blocking Adoption of Code of Behavior in Cyberspace

MOSCOW, July 11 (Sputnik) — The diplomat pointed out that the western countries’ speculations about the alleged Russian cyberthreat were aimed at dragging out adoption of the code of behavior in the sphere of cybersecurity as well as concealing their military cyberactivities.

“Some states, even understanding the scale of the virtual world’s influence on the real one, are likely to rely on their technological advantages, which by the way are fading, and are blocking the process of adoption of the rules of responsible behavior of states in this sphere,” Krutskikh said commenting on the recent global Wanna Cry cyberattack, which from his point of view showed the world that there are no borders for cybercrimes.

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“Of course, all the accusations are unsubstantiated. Russia ‘begged’ for any kind of evidence proving its subversive activities but received only unfounded accusations,” Krutskikh said.

Russia has been consistently calling on the international community to adopt a comprehensive document of the code of behavior in the cybersecurity with such agreements having already been reached in the the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The attempts to reach a global treaty has not been successful so far.

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