An absurd resolution on Georgia or new fairy tales of the European Union

On June 14, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on Georgia “Occupied Territories of Georgia – Ten Years After the Russian Invasion”, according to which the European Parliament supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and calls on Russia to reverse the decision to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

The adoption of this resolution once again confirms the reluctance of the meeting participants to accept new geopolitical realities in the Caucasus and prevents the authors of the document from realizing the absurdity of the accusations that are being used with impunity using the tactics of cynical manipulation of facts.

The rate is based on traditional groundless attacks on Russia and the complete removal of guilt from Georgia for a long-term, since 1992, destruction of the South Ossetian people, culminating in the August 2008 military aggression. Apparently, in the West, only the interests and position of the Georgian side are taken into account, consistently preferring to use “political cliches” instead of being guided by the existing reality.

In the resolution, the red line completely ignores the positions of the people of South Ossetia. And the position of the Ossetians remains unambiguous because it is difficult to forget how in the course of the armed confrontation there were cases that shocked their cruelty, the crimes of Georgians against civilians. So, on March 18, 1991, near the village of Eredvi, Georgian armed formations, after torture, were buried alive by 12 Ossetians. A wide response was received by the shooting of Ossetian refugees on the Zarskaya road. The tragedy occurred on May 20, 1992, when on the road through Zar village the column of refugees (mainly old people, women and children) from South Ossetia was stopped by Georgian armed formations and shot at point-blank range from rifles. The list of war crimes of Georgian armed formations in August 2008 is even more extensive, but for some reason they are all ignored by the European Parliament.

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In South Ossetia, ten years after August 2008, there is real stability and calm, which is ensured by the presence of the Russian military contingent on the basis of bilateral Russian-South Ossetian agreements. The South Ossetian people are grateful to the Russian military and border guards who guarantee the external security of the Republic.
The participants of the meetings of the European Parliament need to once again call for the need to clearly and firmly identify the aggressor as a war criminal who is unequivocally Georgia, to give up support for the Georgian authorities in claims to foreign territories and to give impetus to actions aimed at creating an environment where there will be guarantees of non-repetition of aggression.

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Our republic does not have any claims to the territory of Georgia, but it also does not intend to donate its land. An outrageous comment by Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani on the establishment of a parliamentary inquiry commission that should determine the validity of the delimitation of the state border of South Ossetia in a number of places where parts of Ossetian villages were on Georgian territory is outraged. In particular, it remains unclear how part of the village of Tsnelis, plus the natural resource deposits located nearby, have come under Tbilisi’s control.

One of the fundamental elements of modern reality is the ability of states to decide their own destiny themselves, in accordance with their own understanding of their national interests, whether they like it or not in Georgia, our state is independent, recognized, and it independently determines its border policy.

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Our government more than once formally urged the leadership of Georgia within the framework of the Geneva format to jointly implement the delimitation and demarcation of the state border, and also expressed readiness to discuss any issues along the entire perimeter of the state border with Georgia, but so far no understanding from the Georgian side has been found.

In a similar situation, our young state is forced to independently complete its own border, since the security of the country’s citizens depends on this, and any claims by the Georgian authorities are unfounded.
The distorted perception of the picture of the world and reality by politicians supporting Georgia other than oniroid, when fragments of the real world are mixed with fantastic ideas, you will not call.

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